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Posted by Kellye Harris on

So, I am desperately trying to get this website pretty and easy for you all to use. any suggestions and or help is welcome. I do not understand about 95% of this stuff. Lucky for me my daughters will be happy to help me. they are brilliant with all of this technology stuff. 

So that being said feel free to reply to us with any suggestions or advice or help. We will keep working tru this and get it all up and running Ii hope by the middle of June or maybe late June. 

I am super excited about all the new Home Decor and the new Ladies apparel and jewelry. Also working on getting a new purse line that my girls LOVE. I am not much of a purse person. I am also hoping to get some cute fun and affordable new shoes, that is what I LOVE. I can't ever have enough shoes.

I love some of the cute new tops and dresses that will be available soon. Please be patient and it will so be worth the wait. 

Oh and I almost forgot, we will also have 2 lines of jewelry that are both hand made right in in the USA!  Yay!! And a lot of our apparel is also made in USA for this grand re-opening event and going forward. 


Thank you for listening to me, as always I hope you have a great week. Be blessed and Happy!!




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